Welcome to the Belgian Network for Auto-Inflammatory Diseases (BNAID)


The autoinflammatory diseases are genetic disorders that are characterized by recurrent fever attacks accompanied by inflammatory symptoms. All of these diseases are rare. Therefore, patients are not always recognized and  in many patients there is a long delay in diagnosis. Furthermore, in some patients there is suboptimal follow-up and treatment. 


On this website you will find information about the different auto-inflammatory diseases, a list of expert-centers, treatment guidelines, and a directive who to refer.


Jessa will keep providing care for covid-patients for as long as necessary. These extraodinary circumstances also mean that the daily operations for our different departments have changed. All additional measures taken are in line with the latest government instructions. But rest assured, Jessa's mission has not changed as each patient deserves the best possible care in a safe environment. This is why we apply an extensive safety policy. For more information, please click here.